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Happy Dogs - Happy People

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Luna and Lincoln

Lisa and Bryan

We have a very sweet however energetic border collie, Australian shepherd mix, her name is Luna. I had set out to find someone to help us hone in on her energy and disobedience. A friend referred Jonteray Cain to us and it is done wonders for our dog Luna. 
Jonteray is a very kind sweet natured trainer that really takes the time understands each dogs personality. She goes the extra mile when it comes to her furry clients. We have extremely busy works schedules. Even though we have a large yard, we often felt guilty that we did not have enough time to take Luna out on excursions to the local dog parks to get her more socialized with other dogs as well to just burn off her extra energy. Well thankfully we found Jonteray, because she comes and takes our girl out as well as brings dogs in to our yard to play and have enrichment time. Jonteray has helped Luna tremendously, she has such a calmer demeanor now that she can burn off her energy with other dogs. Thanks, Jonteray and Connections Dog Training for making us better pet parents.



Where do I even begin? It seems impossible in just a few sentences to describe the passion, care, dedication and overall spirit of Jonterey. Penny and I both absolutely adore her! We have worked with Jonterey for one on one training and it has dramatically helped my confidence in training Penny. Additionally, Penny participates in her weekly enrichment adventures, which she LOVES! It is so nice to be at work and know that Penny is enjoying her day with Jonterey, outside doing various fun activities! Lastly, Jonterey has stayed at my house when I travel to take care of Penny. Like leaving a newborn baby, I cry every time, but the photos and check-in texts always remind me that Penny is in the most loving hands!

Jonterey is not just a trainer, not just a dog sitter, but she is an integral part of our family, Aunt Jonterey as I lovingly refer to her. To say the least, I am very picky about the care that Penny receives. Why? Because Jonterey, from when Penny was a baby, set the standards so high! I am so thankful for Jonterey and admire her commitment to the work she does for all of us dog parents. I have never met anyone more trustworthy, who cares about all aspects of our lives. When times have been tough, Jonterey has been there with a hug, canvas of Penny and her best friend Brody, quotes to get me through the day, extra time with Penny for grounding work, or flexibility (and patience) with Penny drop offs and pick ups. She makes us all, especially our dogs, feel special and like a priority!

Jonterey is a beautiful person on the inside and out, and I highly recommend her to everyone! I guarantee that from the first time you work with her, you and your pet will forever have a spot in your heart for her! Oh, and of course, receive remarkable skills to ensure you and your dog can enjoy life to the fullest, together!


Tane & Bob

Our dog Hank, started training with Jonteray when he was a puppy. He was a difficult dog to train, to say the least. Smart but stubborn and very large. He knew how to throw his weight around. Jonteray has a gentle, patient approach that all dogs seem to be drawn to and Hank responded very well to her. I am very thankful that we found Jonteray. He is a completely different dog than when we started training with her. More confident(his parents too) and less reactive. I think Hank likes her more than my husband or I. Haha! She is his person for sure.


Zach & Kat

We had a great experience with Connections Dog Training. Our dog Wally exhibited improvements in his behavior at home after just a few training sessions. The knowledge and help we received from Jonteray was tailored to our specific needs. She also helped us to learn the necessary skills to maintain Wally's training into the future!


Animal Assisted Therapy Programs of Colorado
Linda Chassman

Our animal assisted therapy counseling center recommends Jonteray for training therapy dogs. We are very careful and insist on positive only methods since our dogs are our therapy partners. We trust Jonteray to love our dogs like we do!

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