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Meet Your Trainer


Hi, my name is Jonteray Cain.  While I have been an animal lover all my life, my journey into dog training really started in college. Throughout college I volunteered at a Denver no-kill shelter. I was drawn to the dogs with "issues" - a kennel aggressive lab mix, a horribly anxious german shepherd mix, a mutt from hurricane katrina that would bite at your arms ... Eventually a trainer came in a taught some of the regular volunteers to work with these kind of dogs. This gave me my first taste of  how rewarding rehabilitating a dog with "issues" can be.  

My passion though was really fueled by own first dog, Dolce. Dolce came to me scared of strangers, terrified of men, very reactive towards other dogs, and overall highly anxious. It wasn't always easy and I sometimes felt overwhelmed, but ultimately helping her with her issues and building her confidence gave us such a special connection. It fueled a passion in me to help other dogs and their people. 

I started learning all I could about dog training. Dolce's trainer took me under his wing and taught me a ton. Ultimately I even took some graduate classes in companion animal behavior. Eventually I started training professionally teaching classes at Petco. After a couple years I moved on to training for FetchMasters. Over my 2 years there I trained several hundred dogs through private sessions and board and train. This allowed me to really work out my training philosophies, methodologies, and areas of passion.

At about the same time a divorce led me to animal assisted therapy. The difference that I saw the animals make led to a strong respect and passion for the power of the human animal bond and animal assisted therapy.

So ultimately I decided to start my own company where I could use dog-friendly methods help family dogs and their people build a rewarding relationship, as well as help people who want to allow their dog to help others through therapy work. ​

Outside of training, I enjoy spending time with my own two ​furbabies (now in their senior years) - Dolce and Jazz. I also enjoy volunteering, board games, and making a variety of art, including painting dog portraits. 

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