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One-On-One Training

One-on-One Training

Consult + 12 One-on-One training sessions +
3 private sessions with guardians: $1600
Consult + 20 One-on-One training sessions +
5 private sessions with guardians: $2700
*Ala Carte One-on-One training sessions (only available to current or previous clients): $100

Too busy to get in all the practice needed to turn skills into habits? Let me provide some help, as well as provide some mental and physical stimulation while you're away. With day training, we start with a consult where we'll decide what behaviors to work on and management plan if necessary. Then I work with just your dog every Monday and Friday for about an hour on those behaviors. Then approximately every other week we'll have a session with you to go over what your dog is learning so you can be consistent throughout the week.


One-on-One Train and Play

Consult + 12 one-on-one train and play sessions +
3 private sessions with guardians: $1449
Consult + 20 one-on-one train and play sessions +
5 private sessions with guardians: $1889
*A la carte one-on-one train and play sessions (only available for current or previous clients): $89

Day Train and Play combines training with a fun field trip, such as a local park, light hike, dog park, or a patio lunch. Day Train and Play usually lasts 1.5-2 hours (if solo, longer if included in social group) and include a combination of training, cuddles/rest, travel, and play/exercise. 

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