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Private Coaching 

Coaching for pet parents on how to train:

Therapy Dog Skills

Family Dog Manners

Behavior Solutions


One-On-One Training

Practice makes habits - but not everyone has the time for lots of practice with their dog. One-on-one training is about getting that extra help in getting your dog regular practice. Also provides your dog some extra mental and physical exercise while you're busy.


Training Adventures

Training Adventures provide exercise, socialization, enrichment, and skills practice in a variety of high distraction environments.


Board and Train

Going out of town? Worried your dog will be stressed boarding? Worried your dog's training will regress while you're away? Want your dog to get some extra practice on particular skills? With my board and train your dog stays in his/her own home, gets daily outtings and playtime, and gets training on skills of your choice.


Doggie Parties

Coming Soon

Happy young Boy and his dog in summer street

Educational Programs for Children

Coming Soon

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