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Private Coaching

$100 for initial evaluation
$150 for individual sessions

$400 for 3 sessions
$650 for 5 sessions

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Therapy Dog Skills

**IMPORTANT: we DO NOT provide certification. We will guide you in chosing a certification organization, train you and your dog for the test(s) and work that you will do, and help you apply for the certification when you're ready.

Evaluation -  Is your dog a good candidate for Therapy work? Sign up for an evaluation to find out if your dog has the temperment for therapy work, and if so, what skills he/she needs to develop to achieve certification. While you are not obligated to follow-up with training, an evaluation is required before a training.

Theraputic Visitation Training - Do you and your dog love people? Do you want to channel that passion to help bring comfort and inspiration to children, elderly, disabled, and more? Learn the skills needed to become a therapy dog team ready to take on visiting schools, hospitals, nursing homes, and more. 

Professional Animal Assisted Therapy Dog Training - Are you a professional counselor or therapist who would like to incorporate animal assisted therapy into your practice? We can help prepare you and your dog for certification with Professional Therapy Dogs of Colorado, and of course the work of a therapy dog.

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 Family Dog Manners & Skills

Teaching your dog some basic skills, like how walking nicely on leash or going to and staying on their bed, can have several benefits. You’ll have better communication, build a stronger relationship, prevent behavior problems, provide mental enrichment, keep everyone safer, and provide a foundation for more advance training.
Once you and your dog have basic skills, it’s time to expand those skills to more distracting environments. Learn what it takes to teach your dogs the manners needed to be welcome at the local brewery, relax at the park, or safely enjoy an off-leash hike.


Behavior Solutions

Evaluation - While some behavior issues are straight forward, others may need a professional to determine what is going on. A behavior evaluation consists of discussing the behavior as well as observation of the environment, the people, and the dog(s). Along with determing what is going on, a better training plan can be developed off the evaluation. If the problem is something I'm unfamiliar with or intensity is beyond my skills, I will help refer you to comeone who can help.

Solutions - Unwanted behavior is sometimes just a lack of manners, but sometimes it's more an emotional issue. Behavior solutions can help with problems from building a dog's impulse control to calming the overly excited to easing the anxiety in a reactive dog (and their people). Using management and positive methods, we'll not just change his behavior, but change the emotions and hormones behind them - making life better for you both.


Tricks and more

 ** $59 per session - $159 for 3 sessions - $279 for 6 sessions**  

Is your five year old dying for your dog to know how to shake? Is playing fetch or tug with your dog just not fun? Perhaps you want to bike with your dog? Or do you just want a fun activity to do with your dog, like agility, nosework, or even making art? You name it- let's teach it. 

Let's Get Started!
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